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Supply Chain Management
Topics in supply chain management, including inventory management, accurate response, supply chain structure, and make-to-order.

The Bullwhip Effect
An introduction the phenomenon of the bullwhip effect observed in supply chains. Lists some causes and countermeasures.

Inventory Management
Describes a fixed time period inventory model for generating optimal order quantities in the presence of demand variability.

Vendor Managed Inventory
A discussion of the features of the Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) approach and the challenges that must be overcome for successful implementation.

Make-to-Order Production Systems
Some factors that a firm should consider when deciding whether to implement a make-to-order production system.

Quality and Productivity
Production system topics, including benefits and costs of inventory, conveyor belt and production cell systems, variability, and queues.

Linear Programming
Includes a problem formulation checklist, linearity tricks, sensitivity analyses, simulations, and more.

Recommended Reading

Goldratt, Eliyahu M., Cox, Jeff, The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

  QuickMBA / Operations

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