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Price Elasticity of Demand
Defines price elasticity of demand, discusses the implications of elastic and inelastic demands, and lists some factors that influence a product's price elasticity of demand.

Industry Concentration
Discusses two common methods for measuring the concentration of firms in an industry - the concentration ratio and the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index.

Game Theory
Overview of game theory, including the elements of a game, a game theory framework, bimatrix games, extensive form games, strategic form game representation, signaling and threats, and auctions.

Lists several auction types and briefly discusses the effect known as the winner's curse.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Introduces gross domestic product, its calculation, nominal vs. real GDP, and GDP vs. GNP.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Describes the consumer price index and some of its limitations.

The Business Cycle
Defines the concept of the business cycle, how it is tracked, some significant expansions and contractions in history, and the debate over whether the business cycle has diminished in recent years.

Unemployment Rate
Definition of the unemployment rate, the natural rate of unemployment, and limitations of the employment rate measurement.

  QuickMBA / Economics

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